Sunday, 14 December 2014, 17:23

Well its all happening here, glad i have 3 screen because keeping track of 3 games all at once with german and english commentary, its not exactly peaceful!

Wolfsburg had a penalty. missed. Just scored a goal, disallowed. I am still in as i know another goal is coming, but may exit shortly before it gets risky.

Salzburg was a £45 loss a while back after I exited the LTD. Thats turned around a fair bit now, as I laid under 2.5 goals in the expectation of late goals and as i hoped, the AWAY team scored the first one, which kicked the game into life. one goal came, i didn't green. its now 1-1 and i have partially greened to produce this...... (from a bet which was a total risk of £10!)

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 17.14.02


I also partially greened the Feyenoord game. There is no question they are going to score again, but its getting late on now so I have to secure some green.....

Screen Shot 2014 12 14 at 17.17.16

Wolfsburg is HT now so I have exited, not by backing the draw but by laying Wolfsburg at 1.16 so i really want Paderborn to win now as that will net me ten times as much!

Oh and finally, in the last minute or two, the 3rd goal came in Salzburg so £70 green as per the first image above.

A decent day's trading at last. Maybe a bit of scalping on some high liquidity evening games later, but small stakes practice, nothing I will risk my day's green for. Cheers.