weird one today

Friday, 5 December 2014, 17:57

I wont be trading any football matches as I am out shortly, but I had a look at Dortmund v Hoffenheim and I am absolutely confused about the odds!

The stats are in no way suggestive of a hugely likely home win. of course it could happen, and may well do, but the ODDS on the match are so heavily in favour of the team, I am amazed. Check out the team positions!

betfair tradingYeah, thats what I thought! Bottom of league team is massive odds on favourite? Strange!

So then looked at the scoring stats, and these are even more confusing!


Well I can't see any reason why Dortmund should be such huge favourites, so this is what's called a value bet where the odds heavily contradict the stats.

Stats don't guarantee anything, but they only have to guarantee more than the odds do, and you have a profitable trading system!

I can't trade today but if I was, I would be laying Dortmund or backing the draw for a set period, and looking for a similar good opportunity to exit.