23rd Feb Betfair Trading....

Saturday, 23 February 2013, 19:15

Sorry about the late update. I was out until much later than expected, by the time I got home I noticed a game I wanted to get into and didn't have time to update til now.

Rennes v Sochaux - Noticed it was 1-1 at HT and the home team are strong on stats and especially strong in the last 1/3 of the game. So I laid the draw at 2.6 just intending to stay in until 2. Goal came a few minutes later so I took a small but quick £53 greened.

Austria Vienna v Admira Wacker - This was a great game as far as the stats showed. It was high priced though so I decided to wait til the odds came down to 4.5. I laid it then, and they scored soon after so I took another quick profit and that's all I am doing for today. Greened £95 on second game.

After the worst losing run for several years (a few months back) I now finally feel like the pendulum is swinging back to normal and my picks are rewarding me as they always used to. Hopefully that bad spell was just a run of bad luck, as I haven't changed my criteria for choosing trades. Luck can always play a part, how you react to it is what is key, or so someone a lot wiser than me once told me!

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