23rd January Football Trading

Wednesday, 23 January 2013, 20:01

I have picked Arsenal v West Ham for a lay the draw today. Stats look good enough to me.


Well it was a winner. I laid £200. West Ham scored first just to wind me up and test the old nerves! Arsenal were playing well and after equalising they were just as keen to score more goals, but most importantly it is rare that a game doesn't follow the stats picture in the end, so I left it running for half hour and went and got some food cooked. Came back to see a nice 5-1 scoreline! Greened up £195. That's hopefully back to the normal winning routine, touch wood! Its been a bumpy patch of late, but these tend to come along every 6-12 months and knock the bank down a bit. Hopefully the nasty streak is finished with now.

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