8th December

Saturday, 8 December 2012, 16:07

Woke up with nasty flu this morning so didn't look at betfair coupon until mid afternoon. Noticed only two things of interest:

1. Swansea v Norwich is 0-3 currently at Half Time. Laid Norwich for £200 at 1.1, fancy Swansea to have a come back in second half and their most likely statistical scoring time is in the 15 mins after HT so worth a short with £20 total risk. Will consider trading out after 1 or 2 goals back from Swansea

2. Almeria v Lugo - Looks a tasty lay the draw this, the home team have excellent winning form at home. Away team on terrible away form, losing or drawing all matches this season. Scoring stats are good, and draw priced at 4.5. The only possible downside is a lack of liquidity with only £8,000 matched on the market so far. Kicks off at 1700 so hoping to get a trade in for £200 somehow before then. Update later.



Well, within 1 minute of posting the last message, Swansea got one back to bring game to 1-3 against Nowich. I could take £30 greened now, but going to hang on for a bit as I fancy them to get another. If they don't I can probably get out around break even later on, but could do with a bit more than £30 greened on this one, especially with so few trades today which is disappointing for such a busy coupon.


Further update:

Well a few minutes later, it was 2-3 in the Swansea game. I was tempted to hold out for a really big win if they got another, but I have done that a lot before and kissed goodbye to the profit, so instead I took a respectable £80 greened which is 4X my total risk on the entire bet, can't grumble at that.

Betfair Trade


Swansea football trade

Betfair Trading In Play Swansea v Norwich




That makes up for the lack of other trades, Will update later with result of Almeria game

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