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Sunday, 5 June 2016, 17:28

Well yesterday was an interesting day.

The first LTD pick was one of those nasty ones where a trader either takes it as a bog standard and fairly small loss immediately after the dog scored first, or wait it out a while in which case you could have taken a bigger loss, or if you waited long enough you could have netted a nice green when the favourite did its thing and levelled, then went ahead and won.

Whichever approach a lay the draw trader uses, this was one of those less that straight forward trades, but the stats proved correct and there was either green to be had, or a small loss to be taken if you do as I do and exit as soon as the dog scores, just take the loss and walk away. I sometimes don't do that, but usually it's my default response. It just makes things less stressful and simpler, if dog scores, exit.

The second trade was an absolute corker!

After what I said about laying the favourite away from home (Zaragoza) at 1.55, crikey, I only expected them to maybe concede a goal or two, even I didn't expect them to be FOUR goals down by 60 minutes, eventually losing 6-2! A huge amount of green to be made there and I know a lot of people did, awesome trade that one.

Losing 6-2 to a bottom three team, haha, I did say playing away from home in Spain can make a huge difference, it can totally turn the tables as yesterday proved.

Last one was Numancia. A cagey affair as expected, and a HT lay was a perfect choice with much reduced liability and much more green in return. Hope quite a few people did some damage with that one too!

As for today, only one game gets any interest from me. Gremio v Ponte Preta which is a Brazilian game. I am a bit hesitant with Brazil games but this looks good enough to get involved. I might want to see the opening as it looks like it could open slowly and get going after 30-45 minutes, but if it's busy from the off, I would have a lay anywhere under 3.8 on the draw here. Here are the stats. Good home form. Being Brazil I might go half stakes on it, unless the game is really electric.

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