Off-Topic: Covid Insanity

Tuesday, 24 November 2020, 19:34

Nurse RatchedWell haven't things gone utterly insane?! Somebody somewhere wants an economic depression the likes of which the world probably has never seen... 'and this time, it's global'!!

And remember, there were more millionaires made during the Great Depression than at any other time in history, perhaps until now, except now it's Billionaires, with a BEEE. Jeff Bazos, Apple, Google Chairman etc, check out their earnings over the past year and we might have an idea why big tech is banning any opinions questioning the lockdowns etc.

Meanwhile thousands of small and family run businesses (the real heart of the economy and society itself) are closing left right and centre, butchers, bakers, greengrocers, hardware shops, hairdressers...... hell even Matalan and Primark closed in the town where my sister lives.

There's a wealth shift going on from the masses to the few, and the misery to come is almost unimaginable, for the many of course, not for the few. Prepare folks, prepare. Working from home is sure as heck the way of the future for anyone intending on surviving without suckling at the teat of the exploding nanny state. And that teat will run dry when the food the mother eats (tax revenue) goes down the pan as it must if the economy does. And it certainly will.

When will people understand this incredibly simple fact... The only money the government has, is OUR money! The government generates NO money, it just takes ours and throws it wherever it likes. But when we have none to give, where do they get it? Duh.

Yes ok they can just 'print' more. That worked great didn't it whenever it's been tried before, as far back as the Romans, and what hapened to that incredible civilisation agian?! Remember those photos of German girls queuing up for a loaf of bread, each with their wheelbarrow full of 'money'? That's what happens when you just keep printing more, it becomes worthless, nobody wants it, and nobody accepts it. At that point, welcome to the stone age my friends.

Oh well, ours is not to wonder why, ours is just to do or die (wear your mask that is)! On that note, I keep wondering the most disobedient of thoughts.....

dgdfgdfFor how long were we forcibly prevented from being closer than 6 feet from anyone else, 'social distancing' they called it? Jumped up little men in yellow jackets at Sainsbury's measuring how far I was stood from the next guy grabbing a pack of Jacob's crackers.

No masks were 'needed' for a long time, just social distancing. We were told from dawn til dusk by the compliant media propoganda complex that 'social distancing saves lives' and how disgusting it was if anyone disobeyed the order, even accusing them of 'killing Grannie'.

Something masks can do too, by the damn way. (As can loneliness, poverty, depression, being too scared to pop to the quack to get that lump looked at, or those occasional chest pains, or that shortness of breath, or that infected splinter in her foot.....)

No requirement for masks, until suddenly masks became the new social distancing. Except, it didn't. It is masks AND social distancing. So my wondering is this.... if we need masks AND social distancing, doesn't that prove social distancing doesn't/didn't work? If it did, why the masks?

Furthermore, if masks 'work' (to stop the smallest living organism on earth, a virus, which they can't) then there's no need for social distancing is there? Unless masks don't work. And if they do, surely social distancing is no longer needed, not for the virus anyway, obviously it's badly needed to stop people communicating and organising a revolt against this insanity. I truly believe masks will save lives in the long run, because those who don't wear them may just end up being lined up and shot.

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Has anyone apologised for lying or being wrong about social distancing not working? No, didn't think so. There goes me again, doing that terribly irresponsible thing they used to call 'thinking'. Sorry about that, won't happen again, pwomise! 😀

I won't bore you with any more of my take on this authoritarian horror-show, but I have been asked a few times when a new discount will be coming so with all that 'Black Friday' silliness, I thought now might make as much sense as any other 😀

20% off all my ebooks until 1st December - Use the code..... wait for it.....


Sorry, you will actually have to type that in to get the discount. If that goes against your sensibilities, don't worry it's not compulsory, you can just pay full price. No dictatorship here. 🙂

Take care everyone, sod the virus, but watch out for the street robbery gangs enjoying their freedom while the Police are too busy chasing people daring to tweet a non-conformist opinion, or picking up suiciders from motorway asphalt. (Friend of mine scraped up three just last week, all having been made redundant. I only wish I was joking.) On that jolly delightful note, do take care of yourselves and if you are still in a job (lucky you!) then I would start making back up plans at the very least.

If my hosting account isn't banned, catch you again soon. 🙂

P.S. And remember Winston.... "Two plus two equals five. DOESN'T IT?"

P.P.S. To lighten the mood, I will leave you with something which, when the penny dropped, caused me to laugh so hard I nearly had to remove my mask...

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5 comments on “Off-Topic: Covid Insanity”

  1. Welcome to the Brave New World of England in particular, typified by 'doublespeak' as the VERY interesting screed above notes all too well.

    I left England in Jan 69 as a 'scarce bearded Ceasar' for sunnier climes in the Antipodes. Best thing I ever did.

    I'm fortunate to have taken root in Western Australia where the current State Premier's strong leadership has ensured we've been relatively free of C19. No lockdown since April. No masks required. And [un]social distancing is still practised...when we remember to!

    The key to all that was to close the state borders and to rigorously enforce the closure. Doris take note.

    Many small businesses still function although with some adjustments. And, as usual, the rich get richer through mining which never closed.

    So now I look at UK with disbelief. The thin blue line gets thinner. The military has become thinner -- the Royal Navy in particular...not enough ships to even protect a tanker, recently.

    The NHS, once the envy of the world, is collapsing. GPs are jumping ship at an alarming rate so getting an appointment becomes an exercise in waiting...waiting...waiting...

    Political Correctness is the new religion. Even Christ has been taken out of Christmas for fear of causing offence to other religions!!!!!!! That's even though Christ was a Jew and Islam respects Christ as an important prophet.

    I nearly had a coronary when I read of an Essex primary school head who even tampered with the words to Away In A Manger.

    Knife violence [kids using knives on others, for God's sake] flourishes, assaults on fire-fighters, nurses and ambulance officers, religious nutters whose believe in a god that delights in murder and mayhem, increased domestic violence -- and still police officers are not armed or at the very least, be given tasers that work when needed.

    Why on earth would anyone want to join the UK police?

    And now the current covid-madness, lead by the Clown Prince, Doris, who dropped the ball early on when he failed to appreciate the seriousness, and the consequences of ad hoc responses to the crisis as neatly summarised by Tim.

    Mind you, the alternative to Doris was a retarded individual who never grew out of his 'angry young man' phase or his immature political beliefs formed in his late teens/early 20s.

    Not much of a choice, was it?

    'Don't Cry For Me, Argentina' has now morphed into 'Cry With Me For England'.

    How on earth has it come to this?

    So, so sad.....

  2. Well said Max, as your emails over the years have confirmed, saying things well is a consistent trend for you!

    NHS - envy of the world..... well.... i think that's probably true, but not sure it should have been. Socialism has a habit of picking out the good in its doings, and ignoring the bad, and the global media conglomerate has a 'pandemic' of its own - Marxist/Socialist bias. Yet all run by millionaires or billionaires who live in almost exclusively white communities, housing no immigrants in their mansions, all with private healthcare, all with private schooling (for themselves and their children), and just about every other privelege of anyone benefitting from the upsides of capitalism, which they publicly chastise and attack at every opporunity. Capitalism for me, socialism for thee, or as Covid has repeatedly demonstrated: "Rules for thee, but not for me."

    I met an elderly couple on a walk with their dog recently. I asked why they had no masks and if they weren't scared of this virus. They laughed and the very old lady said "If I want to take a walk and get some fresh air rather than stare at four walls all day, I should have that right, EVEN if it risks my life. It is MY life, nobody else's. What activity doesn't risk our life at our age? Staring at four walls will kill us faster than anything else we are so miserable. So we go out, and if they want to arrest us, so be it. It will be more interesting than sitting at home and give us some exercise and stimulation!"

    Hear hear! But slowly these free thinkers will be weeded out. Twas Ever Thus.

    The state always wins in the end. I only wish I knew what it is they are trying to "win" here, other than the obvious dominion and reduction of all to one central lie that we are all in danger and must accept some kind of "new normal", the words of Tyrants if ever I have heard them! It sure has nothing to do with a virus. I have some ideas, but not for publishing while the Stasi are about.

    Thanks again for your interesting angle from way over there! At least you have the sun!!

  3. Dear Tim, It's been a long time! I hope this message finds you & your family all well & good. You showed great compassion by gifting to me your ebook after an accident that hospitalized me some time back. Considering you didn't know me from Adam, that kind gesture proved to be a testament to your character & humanity.
    The book was a great composition that detailed what is required to become a successful trader. What I liked the most was the book was written with integrity & honesty with emphasis upon the commitment involved with time, money & research that even after all the hard work, it may pernultimately lead to nowhere & nothing!
    The book made no elaborate claims or promises, but what it did offer the reader was a map to a journey; a road to walk alone that may prove to be black & white at times where the book didn't provide answers, but gave colour to those moments.
    Then there were the written & unwritten rules that if broken, lead to despair & despondency; a place where fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. I made sure this was etched into my consciousness before I embarked upon my Journey.
    As we all may know by now 20% of trading is Analytical with the remaining 80% been Psychological. I found this to be the most fascinating aspect of trading; how you respond to loss; your behaviour; how you conduct yourself; mind set & decision making. The book excelled in this area for me .It was about self examination & that you have to look deep into yourself - your character & personality. It helped me understand Loss for what I think is the key to developing as a trader.
    I've learned to embrace loss in the sense that it requires more diversity in strategy & how to apply contingency to minimize or break even when things work against you. It's just more interesting & therefore, more of a challenge for me. I'm still very much a student, but a more aware one at that. More a lay apprentice due to my interest in Loss.
    I'll give some more feedback about the book. I hope this feedback is helpful & once again, thank you for your kindness. Sometimes, we're not aware of the positive consequences an act of kindness can have on somebody's life so I'll leave you with a story to ponder over.
    Some years back, I was talking with a homeless man & we got onto the subject about Success. He asked me could I define what is a Successful person? I said, well, it's somebody who builds up a business from scratch & provides a better quality of life for both themselves & their family. He said, yes, but is there anything else? I said, Richard Branson, he's built successful business' & there also Footballers, sports People, Actors & all the other professions. All of these people have succeeded in their chosen fields. They're Successful People. He said, No they are not. What they are is successful business people, successful footballers or successful actors & so on. To be a successful person requires something else. I thought, what does he mean? He then went on to explain: A successful person is somebody who through their own efforts alone, reaches down into the gutter to help pull somebody up out of it for their greater good. That my friend is a Successful Person; I'll never forget that! He went on to say, 'Kindness, that's all it is'. Take care,
    Gavin. ( you can now contact me on gmail )

    1. Hi Gavin, what a lovely message. Thanks very much. I think that homeless man had a good point there. A successful footballer, a successful lawyer, a successful trader..... they are all successes. But a successful person has to be good at 'being a person', and that's a tricky one to quantify indeed! But it's definitely food for thought, especially this time of year. Really nice to hear from you, thanks again and all the best for 2021, which may be just about the strangest year since the dawn of time!
      All the best

  4. Tim apologies if the recent reply sounded a bit negative. It was more to do with my caution towards trading in General than anything to do with the contents of the ebook. The book is an absolute Gem. So please, feel free to edit what you want with regards to the post. I did purchase a few books on Trading from Amazon, but they all seem re-iterate the same thing & a day in the life kind of stuff but nothing of any real education or value.
    Cheers for now

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