3rd February

Sunday, 3 February 2013, 2:05

No trading yesterday as the coupon was pretty rubbish.

Today looks a bit better and I have a few on the shortlist which I will probably trade, maybe subject to watching the first ten minutes if I am home and can get the coverage.

Montpellier v Reims

Atletico Madrid v Betis

Decided against Atletico Madrid trade, purely on price. They are unbeaten at home, won every game, so its a good pick I think but the price is too high at 4.8. I would be in around 4.2 or 4.3 but 4.8 is too high

Well it was a bit hairy, but Montpellier got their act together after HT, taking two goals to go ahead and I took £130 greened profit. They then scored another, typically!

I have noticed Fenerbahce are a goal down with strong stats to win, so laid the draw there despite being 0-1 as they should come back.

Well I exited Fenerbahce for a small £9 loss when it looked like a good chance to escape losing more money as odds were overpriced at 1-1 (they got a goal by the way) and i decided to exit  and get back in later as their stats show they score late usually. I got back in around 1.65 and laid the draw for a non-exit trade. The dog got one so i greened up £130 there. A decent day in the end, if a bit twitchy at times!

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