Backing The Draw Explanation

Tuesday, 29 November 2016, 20:53

Just a quick follow up to explain a bit more of what makes this an ideal back the draw... (and I am still trying to remember some of the rules!)

in play football trading

Above - Very low activity = good for no more goals, or maybe one from home team.

Possession 80% in Sheffield's hands, makes another away goal (our only risk) look highly unlikely (not impossible of course!)

Below - Walsall average 0.67 goals per game. Good.

Concede more than 1, good. Score mostly in 1st half, good.

Sheffield score most in second half, good, and score 1.56 per game, good. All in all, it shouldn't fail should it? 😀

inplay football

But of course it can!

The principle of the trading strategy is to let time take effect and earn some green UP TO 70 MINUTES MAX then out at latest, maybe 65 to be safe, I can't remember completely as its a long while since i did it.

If home team score then exit 2-3 minutes after the goal, to let prices settle and let the draw backers get in and knock the price down.

If Walsall score again, obviously thats time to exit or if the red is not much less than a full bet, may as well wait and see, but DO NOT ADD or CHASE!!

P.S. If not trading this way, and the game went 0-2 to Walsall before 65 minutes, I would be laying them.

More from UKFT soon.

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