Football Trading Update & A Word About Back The Draw

Saturday, 16 February 2013, 19:56

Two wins from two picks. 🙂


8 p.m.

Well I had considered a LTD on Barcelona away. I rarely go for away LTDs, although Barca is often one of the few exceptions to the rule. However, I never do it unless the odds are well priced and they weren't here so I just watched the game. Granada looked quite dangerous, and they went 1-0 ahead half way through the first half. This presented a value bet opportunity, because of the overpricing on the draw due to punters expecting Barca to walk the game to an easy win. This is a rare method I use, called Back The Draw.

I have not posted details on the website yet about how I employ this method but I will do when I get the chance. The simple version is this..... if a match has a high draw price (over 4.5) and you are NOT laying the draw, you can leave livescore on and if you notice the underdog score an unexpected goal, you BACK the draw for a decent 5-10% of your bank on the best possible you can gets the SECOND the suspension lifts. The logic is that there are more ways to profit than to lose.

The only way it can lose is if the favourite responds almost immediately after your bet with a goal, then the odds can shoot up above where you backed.

So long as 5-10 minutes pass without a reply from the favourite, the odds tumble down nicely, and each tick is a decent bit of green earned.

If the favourite then score later on the odds usually don't change much, so long as it is before 60 minutes. If the dog scores again, you get out straight away but usually with a winning profit.

I did this with the Barca game and within about 15 minutes (at HT) I had greened up and exited with a guaranteed £50 win, for a £200 stake (smaller than usual stake here)

I may now consider backing Barca, but not convinced they are playing that great so may just leave it and bank the extra £50 for the day 🙂


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