Happy New Year - 25% Coupon

Monday, 1 January 2024, 13:02

Happy New Year Happy New Year to everyone, let's hope 2024 beats the last few years eh!

Sorry for lack of emails recently. I don't have time to explain in detail now but a few health issues (nothing serious I am now told, thankfully) and some essential travels for family reasons have pushed site updates to the back burner for a while now. That's virtually over with now, and my content plan for the site is adventurous and I am actually looking forward to getting on with now.

Many of you have made some great suggestions for article ideas, and even helped with trading strategy ideas too, so there's lots of good stuff to come.

I am also heartened by the many messages I continue to receive from budding traders and full-timers alike, complimenting some of the site's content and in particular the strategies. Each and every message gives me a little smile and makes checking emails an enjoyable task rather than a chore, so thank you all!

Here's to 2024, and the site's rapid growth very soon!

All the best to you and yours, and of course to your Betfair balance 🙂


P.S. I have added a 25% discount coupon (applies to all my ebooks) - Use code 2024 at checkout.

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