Happy New Year!

Sunday, 1 January 2017, 14:52

Happy New Year

Well mine has started well, connection issues again. BT did a great job of installing my optical fibre connection, through a large tree and across through neighbours garden to the pole. The only problem seems to be, trees grow.

Apparently this is quite normal. But optical fibre cables don't grow at the same rate, so I now have a very stretched cable which doesn't like strong winds, which we had last night. Its up and down, so I will have to get the plonkers out yet again.

Also please note I am on travels for the next couple of weeks. I will be trading as and when I can but definitely not as much as usual. Plans aren't fixed yet so we may not go for a few days yet, but the Betfair trading diary won't get updates as frequently for most of Jan.

I will do my best to reply to emails on my phone but I hate using it for typing and with my arm still in plaster I am Mr Pokey with one finger of my right hand, so excuse me if I leave any detailed emails until i am back at the desk full time!

Here is what I found of interest to football traders for today:

Lincoln v Guiseley

This is pricey, but looks worth a lay the draw from KO. Due to it being New Year's Day I think half stakes are in order, given some of the recent shockers.

Best to play safe, and playing ultra safe would be to avoid this one altogether just due to price, or to leave until HT and trade 45-65 mins. But for me I think KO is the right choice.


Stats look good as far as goals go, but the last few results of both teams make it a bit of a twitchy trade.

The 4-4 away result of Solihull is especially concerning. Best decision here is to leave it alone. Perhaps if  any commentary can be watched/heard there could be a trade if 0-0 at HT and lively.

It certainly looks like goals so some of you may find more value/angle in the Under 2.5 goals trading market, as either team can clearly score here. Not sure what I will do, if anything at all, but on paper this looks like a 3 or 4 goaler! (Not accounting for 22 hung over blokes!)


Well that's all, once again happy new year to you all from https://UKFootballTrading.com, and here's to 2017 being another great year, and I think there are at least ten regular readers who could see themselves becoming full time traders this year, let's hope so!!


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  1. Tim i wish you a very happy and successful 2017.
    I truly thank you for the mindopening you are causing.....

    i have not been around due to the mrs nagging me but what can you do, murder is illegal.

    cheers tim and have a great trip

  2. A somewhat delayed Happy New Year, but anyway... Happy New Year! 🙂 I am in a learning process and I feel that this site and your e-books have helped me a lot in this regard. Hope to be one of the 10 regular traders turning full time in 2017 that you anticipate. 🙂

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