Ho Ho Ho and all that, and a Xmas 20% Discount

Monday, 20 December 2021, 16:03

Just a quickie post because I accidentally saw a calendar today and realised it's the 20th of bloody December!

I'd like to say a big thanks to the many reader out there (and Betfair novices especially) for the encouraging emails and feedback I have received this year. The Pre Race trader's guide has made huge dents in people's progress this year for many of you wanting to crack the mother of all markets, the illusive but lucrative, and a tad scary, pre race markets!

I really appreciate hearing your stories and feedback, not just about how much my ebook helped you get a grip on your trading but also on how many other courses you've been on or studied, and how you found they did or didn't help, and why. It informs what I do here and I am planning some big changes in 2022/2023 for the site.

I have already mentioned the plans to increase content and since mentioning that I have received a lot of suggestions and ideas for how to add to people's trading outside of the ebooks with free articles and example trades, commentary on market events etc.

To all of you who added to the suggestion box, thanks very much indeed, you know who you are and I am sure your suggestions will not only help you but many other people make real progress with learning strategies to profit from sports. It's a great way to earn an income and with the economic woes ahead of us, I genuinely think those of you who are getting the hang of it will be extremely pleased you did.

I've just created a new coupon code to run until midnight on 5th January. Enter XMAS2021 in the dicount code box at checkout for 20% off any and all of my ebooks.

Merry Xmas and happy new year to all of you, 2022 will be a tricky year for us all in my view, but we can still make the best of it can't we!

Keep the feedback coming!



merry christmas


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