Hold onto your hats!

Saturday, 16 July 2016, 1:49

I MAY have just found a trade from one of the longest but worst football coupons I have ever had the need to trawl through! Perhaps more than one...

Brazil Game - Santos v Ponte Preta

Not as good as the odds suggest so I wont be in before KO. But I reckon if the odds get to 3.5 before a goal is scored, I will be laying the draw in this game. Here are the stats:

football stats

Some negatives are obvious here:

  • The teams are only a few places apart in the league
  • Both have 23 league points
  • Away team don't concede that many goals.

On the plus side:

  • Away team score (when they do score) most away goals in first 30 minutes
  • Home team won 5 home games, lost one
  • Home team only failed to score once
  • Home team concede a third of a goal per game, nice!

So, for me this is not a nailed on pre-KO trade, but it's a definite possibility in play. Will watch some of the game if I can, for an extra edge/view.

A few others I looked at....

Danish game - Copenhagen

Wwouldn't touch with your money!

Wigan v Manure

Wigan game

Ermmmm, I know Wigan can be a bit rough on a weekend, but it's a bit rude to call it a foreign team. (International/Friendly). Ha ha, and I can't see it being all that friendly either!!

Now then.... here's an interesting one....

Kazakhstan Premier League - ?!!?!

That's a new one for my trade selections! I was about to make a funny quip like "I ain't trading this because Borat isn't being fielded" 😀 However, I am laughing on the other side of my face after checking the stats....

Kazakhstan?!I can't really bring myself to say the words "I am trading this one" but, well I can't find many reasons not to!

Home team is league leader, always a good pick for LTD trades. Unbeaten at home, another great indicator usually. 9 wins, one draw! I wouldnt expect much volume but again I am put in my place. 5k the night before, that could well grow to 10-20k before KO, making it quite possibly an ideal trade!

Still not convinced, new leagues always make me nervous! I will see how much bottle I wake up with. 😀

Cheers for now,


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