Isn't this boring!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016, 18:39

I do hate this time of year, it's easy to get tempted into borderline trades as the boredom sets in while football takes its short break.

But one of the most important lessons I learned about sports trading many moons ago now, is learning when NOT to trade. This is just as critical to success as knowing when to take a trade.

I get itchy fingers but I don't let them crawl across the mouse unless something clear comes up, and nothing is clear at the mo that's for sure. There will be trades in the next week or so I think, a few have come up which were almost good enough, but not quite, and it's good to practice turning down a trade, it's an important muscle to exercise!

During the boredom I have yet more requests for me to publish some of my methods. I have given in and I am using this lull in football trading opportunities to put together some products and guides to some of the strategies I use.

Some of them are old strategies which I have twisted to make them my own, and better in my opinion. Some of them are probably not known by many people at all.

I am not sure how much of my toolkit to publish, but I am definitely doing a very detailed lay the draw course explaining my entire approach to this method, as that is one of the most common requests I get.

I will also be doing some guides on some other lesser known methods which I use to good effect when the opportunities arise. I will update the sports trading blog once anything is ready for launching, not far away for the LTD manual.

Hopefully it will satisfy a few people who keep asking (and to be fair, who I promised to do it for over 2 years ago now!) and it will also reduce the number of questions I get about people's thoughts on games and whether they are decent picks for laying the draw or not.

This manual will explain every single detail of what I do each day to select trades, how I trade them, what causes me to cancel a trade, how/when I green up and what I do when things go wrong in a trade.

I am doing a lot more trading on horses these days, especially when the football is slow, so I may even talk myself into sharing some of those methods too, some of them are absolute corkers!

Here's to the start of the next footie season!

Cheers for now

Tim Scott

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