Monday 10 October

Monday, 10 October 2016, 12:21

Well my ickle flutter was a small throwaway bet in the end, but I still believe in it despite losing a few quid, and this is often the way to know whether what you did was right (from a value/edge/trading angle) or not.

=If you lose and feel guilty or bad about yourself, that's a good sign that you probably burned money on a bad trade. I have done these a lot, especially in past seasons where i sit with Flashscores open on a busy Saturday for example, and when a favourable team goes at least 2-0 down, especially to two goals in quick succession, it can often lose a few quid, but it can also bank a very large chunk of cash when it comes in, so over the long term I am sure this is a cracking in-play method and I will continue to do it whenever I see such an opportunity.

The plain lay-the-draw trade went beautifully, only slightly marred by the second goal coming so late (57 mins) as if that had come before HT the trading profit would have been double, but a win is a win and it's always nice to pick a LTD where the end result is 3-0 like this one, especially when the first goal comes very early (6') allowing a very quick green up and walk away.

I have just had a look at the coupon and with all the international stuff which could throw up some in play ops, there is nothing of interest today on the LTD front. More soon.

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