Monday 26th December

Monday, 26 December 2016, 13:01

Well yesterday was a cracker of a day in the end, even though most of my trades were half stakes or less, and lots of experimental trading and odd bits and pieces in my Betfair trading app.

I traded various leagues I have never touched before, Morocco, Kuwait, Israel and others. Plenty of goals around but none of what I was doing felt strong enough to post about but it all accumulated into a very nice day in the end.

I am sure all you xmas fans were stuffing your faces with Turkey and chocolates anyway so I gave my arm a rest as I would have been typing about 5-10 posts an hour if I listed all the bits I was doing, it was a nice semi day off from typing for me

Big coupon today of course. Self-control, discipline and selectivity will be the order of the day for anyone but especially for you novice sports traders.

Laying The Field eBookI have decided against any trading on horse racing today as there are just too many markets and with all the overlaps it will be hectic, and there is enough going on with the footie anyway.


LTD but only from KO to 30 mins

Aston Villa

LTD from 20 mins in if level.


LTD from 30 mins if level - green quickly after any goal

KV Oostende

Too pricey from KO so this is a LTD at HT if level - staking small to run right to end of game as a bet

Hull v Man City

LTD @ 75 mins as a bet, if level. which of course it wont be, but never know

Sheffield United

HT LTD if level


HT Lay of the Under 2.5 goals strategy if under 1.4 and no goals

Fleetwood Town

Standard LTD from KO, this seems cheap at 3.9 and may drift before 3pm


That's about it for early picks. There will be a chance for a lot of in play football profits today so it's going to be hard to update the trading diary quickly every time but I will do my best.


4 comments on “Monday 26th December”

    1. Hi James,
      Huddersfield - I didnt like all those 1s in their home form, and the Wigan result was enough to make me close it and move on.
      Chelsea - I must have overlooked that, yes it does look a cracker really. The only slight reservation is the price, and whether Chelsea chavs are stuffed full of fancy champagne and Turkey from yesterday. 😀 I would not be opposed to a LTD form KO here, but I think a safer option (in case Bournemouth nick a quick one which I think is possible) is to LTD at 30 mins.

  1. Thanks Tim - yes I agree with your way of handling Chelsea - LTD at 30 mins. Glad you like that one! Fair play on the Huddersfield match - they do like to concede at least one goal per match and being the season of goodwill they may be more than happy to concede at least one today as a belated Xmas present to Nott Forest!

    1. haha, i have no doubt you're right there. What I think will happen, and what I am happy to throw (and lose) money on are often two different things!
      Chelsea - Yes I am probaby a bit over cautious there and was torn between 30 and 15 mins in. they will probably come out and score two in the first 15, but I would rather have a bit more value with a cheaper entry, if poss of course

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