New site live, at last, and a 20% discount coupon for April

Friday, 7 April 2023, 14:51

Hi folks,

UKFT LogoWell the new version of the UKFT website is finally live. Boy was that a bigger task than I ever could have imagined!

As some of you spotted it went live around a week or so ago but the changeover caused a whole load of new problems and headaches.

I'm working through those gradually so bear with me if you get any errors or missing pages etc for a little while.

In fact on that note, if any of you do see any problems while browsing the site, please drop me an email so I can add them to the "snag list". Crikey, it's worse than building your own house! But hopefully it's an improvement.

There are quite a few new articles, including major updates to many of the old favourites such as the pre-race trading guide and several others. The homepage should hopefully be a bit more useable, just use the navigation menu to drill down into topics of interest.

I have plans for many more articles to flesh out these topics with fresh and effective trading info. I am also taking requests for topics you'd like to see covered, so don't be shy if there's anything you feel I should cover, however broad or specific it may be.

There will be a period of fixing things and making adjustments here and there, but after that I have a note to look into an ebook about football in play trading. I will get back to you as and when I find time for that.

I will update subscribers with links to new content as it goes live, but there should be a fair amount to get your teeth into in the mean time within this new site. I have a small request...

The new site has some 'social sharing' buttons at the bottom of article pages. You know my views on such matters, but the way of the world (so I'm told) is that these have a big impact on helping a site get seen and so, if you care to, I'd appreciate it if you could use those buttons to share an article as and when you find one of them useful/enjoyable.

The content has taken a long time to produce and as many of you know, I take great care to produce high quality content that actually works. Therefore the odd social share would be a nice way of saying thanks, it's free to do after all 🙂 - Here's what they look like :


Thanks for your patience and support with ideas and article requests, and once again do please let me know if you see any bugs or areas needing improvement.

Cheers for now,


P.S. Nearly forgot... I've made a new coupon code for 20% off all of my Betfair ebooks. The code to use at checkout is SPRING2023. (Expires end of April.)

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