Plans for new sports trading website & big July discount code.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021, 16:47

When I said "busy", it wasn't all office-based! England has some cracking spots, it really does!

Well so far the summer has been very busy for me and I thought it's about time I posted an update, announce some plans for the UKFT website (maybe a whole new one!)

I must say a big thank you to all those who have thanked/complimented me on the Pre-Race Trader's Bible which many have told me is "the best product on the market."

These messages really are important to me because it shows that readers do appreciate the effort and can see my huge motivation in actually wanting to help people make money  and succeed at trading the horse racing markets, rather than just throwing out a glossy product for the purpose of making sales.

It was such a huge amount of work to produce the book, these messages remind me how worthwhile it was, not to mention how exciting it is to hear of people finally making progress in their trading (that's the best bit for me!), often having spent many years trying before coming across my 'bible'.

As I explain in the ebook's introduction, I wanted to produce the one thing I so badly wish I could have had in front of me when I first tried to master these complex markets! That "Haynes Manual" to the pre-race Betfair markets, something which could have solved so many of the puzzles I couldn't decipher for literally years after I first dipped my toe in the water.

I receive regular comments from readers of all my ebooks, but the one on pre-race trading gets by far the most. My In-Play Racing Trading course (ebook) also gets some very enthusiastic compliments which I am also grateful for, and I find that strategy is best suited to those seeking profitability faster, along with an 'easier' strategy without too much 'mastery' needed like the pre-race markets demand.

I am making some fairly big plans for the website over coming months. I may have a totally new site designed/built, not entirely sure yet. Regardless of the design choices, one thing I am sure of is that I want to add a lot more content to the site, and much more detailed content too.

Useless Trading InformationI find (as I know many of you do too) that there is a distinct lack of detail in the information online about sports exchange trading. There are thousands of posts and articles 'about' the subject, but hardly any which take the reader deeper than just scratching the surface.

As anyone who's read any of my exchange trading courses know only too well, I am big on detail (some might say too big!) and I really hate to see people trying to 'inform' people on such a complex and important subject using such shallow content which has no chance of actually helping people achieve real-world success (i.e. PROFIT!)

If the psychological stuff isn't covered, the discipline stuff, the fine tuning stuff, understanding the mechanics of trading and so on, then what you have is great for finding out what trading is about, but utterly useless for properly enabling people and teaching them how to actually do it.

As so many of you already know, trying to trade markets using such amateur or shallow guidance is not just frustrating, it can also be very costly and you can end up losing more than you would if you had just tried to learn on your own without any guidance at all!

I did that, it was costly enough, but could have been much worse if I had got 'false confidence' from reading some 3 page guide from a 'guru' making me believe 'that's all there is to it'. That couldn't be further from the truth. And it can very painful to learn that the hard way.

The plans are wide and varied, and far from confirmed yet. But there will be a lot about football trading as well as other topics I haven't mentioned much in the past. There will probably be some new football strategies in the mix too. Some of these, perhaps all, I will be making available free.

This is not as generous as it sounds, I just can’t find time to write more ebooks, articles are much faster and easier to produce (although they ain't fast by any means)! But I do want people to have these 'arrows in their quiver' not just for more ways to profit, but also to add more flexibility to your trading, such as trading automation possibilities (trade while you're away from screen) and maybe also to give people more interesting ways to trade, more enjoyable even. Enjoying what you're doing is another one of those 'secrets' which gets overlooked too often.

price decayThere are so many sports methods which can make good profits for different types of traders, I have always laser focussed on a few, on the site anyway. But there are some other approaches that I really think my readers will benefit from and enjoy using, clever little strategies such as those relating to 'price compression', 'price decay' (I prefer the term 'time decay'), and several other types of market forces you can take advantage of. It's exciting stuff too, so stay tuned for that later in the year.

I also intend to write about tennis trading. It’s an area I haven’t focussed much on even though I have done a fair bit of it in the past, and this summer reminded me how good it can be. More importantly, I constantly harp on about how you must have at least some interest in the sport you’re trading. You do not have to be a “fan”, far from it (I detest most footballers!), but you have to at least not hate the actual sport, and I loved football as a game ever since I was a child (played a lot of footie).

The modern ‘game’ is more about business than football, but to trade the sport you don’t need to care about any of the nonsense, just a moderate appreciation of the the skill shown on the field is enough to make football trading possible.

But messages from readers often remind me, as they have this summer, that we are all different and some people can’t stand to watch five minutes of football, so trading it really isn’t an option (at least not without automated trading, which is why I intend to cover that as it can work very well with certain trading strategies).

female tennis playerSo, back to tennis… I know many of you are big fans of tennis, and I am too. My regular readers will remember me saying many times in the past how I love watching tennis but have treated it more like my leisure sport rather than trading it. Trading doesn’t completely ruin the game, but it can prevent full enjoyment of it as your mind has to be on odds and trades rather than just sitting back to appreciate the talent (in more ways than one if we include the ladies game. Shut up, don’t pretend I am the only one to appreciate a tanned and beautiful female athlete in Persil-White gear :D)

Also, tennis really can be a very easy entry into trading. That doesn’t mean easy to make money (although it can be), what I mean is an easy way to learn what trading is, how it works, and above all how to take profits instantly when you planned to. If you get lazy or greedy with tennis trading you can quickly throw away your own Persil white shirt!

Tennis traders need to be very disciplined (a skill that makes all types of Betfair trading more profitable), but the actual amount of calculations and trading decisions needed is quite low, making it a good entry-level approach for learner traders. I will be covering this too in the next few months.

I am also planning an FAQ section on the site, so at some point soon I will be asking all my regular readers for any suggestions of questions they want answers to or topics to cover. I intend to write some extremely detailed answers, the kind of detail only usually found in my ebooks, but freely available to readers.

Sports Trading Ebook CoversObviously some detail, such as those of the specific strategies exhaustively explained in my ebooks, will not be published so freely but there is a lot of useful info I can publish without revealing the specific ins and outs of my exact strategies, and I look forward to doing so. (I do expect to be giving away some new methods as well though.)

On that note, if any of you have any thoughts right now as to what topics/questions/markets you would like to hear more about, please drop me a line and I will add them to the list.

In the mean time, enjoy the summer (at least as much as you're allowed by our illustrious 'leaders' that is), and I look forward to bringing you a lot more useful articles and Betfair trading advice in the coming weeks and months. (Subscribe for instant updates.)



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    1. Ha, keep twisting my arm and I will see what the winter brings! I do have a few I could write, an interesting and slightly 'different' football method, plus one or two others in mind. I said I wouldn't write another after the PR Bible, but once the dark nights of winter arrive, I might just manage it!

  1. Looking forward to the new site. There is no better material on the internet already so anything more would be superb.

    The ebooks are all excellent. Highly recommend them all, especially pre race bible.

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