Pre-Off Trading eBook Update...

Saturday, 3 November 2018, 16:48

Just a quickie post as I have had quite a few requests for an update in the past few days.

The pre-race course doubled again (in size), so I am flat out burning the midnight oil.Sports Trading Ebook Covers

I am literally doing nothing else except sleeping and eating. It's not far off now, but I do have some issues with payment processor to deal with once it's complete so although I expect it to be completely written in around a week it doesn't look like it will be actually available to buy for maybe another week after that, possibly two but hope not.

(I refuse to allow people to steal this as has happened to me before, so I need some security on this ebook so thieves can't copy it too easily).

2-3 weeks would be my best guess right now. To those waiting for it, once you read it you will see why it took so long. It's an absolute beast and won't be something you can cover in one sitting like the other ebooks I have written. Many of you have read my detailed article on pre-race trading and enjoyed that freebie, it's a hint at the level of detail you'll get when you purchase the ebook course.

I keep saying it will be worth the wait, and I believe that even more now. So far it's 350 pages and counting...

Once again I can only apologise for my terrible estimates given earlier when I began. I TOTALLY underestimated the size it would need to be to cover everything fully, and then it doubled again since then!!

I might add, I am 100% certain you won't find a better guide for mastering pre-off racing trading than this. I will update again in around a week, keep an eye on the blog or the UKFT home page for updates.



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