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Saturday, 16 January 2016, 10:39

Hi all, sorry for lack of posts lately. I have been away.

Just getting back to things, hundreds of emails to trawl through so not sure if I will get to any sports trading today but hoping to.

You might recall I mentioned Leicester's price to win the league were ridiculously high a while back. I backed them at various prices up to 38-1, for small £5 or £10 stakes as it went up (against the logic!).

Their win the other day brought the odds back down but still nowhere near reality. They are joint FIRST place for God's sake, yet still priced at 12-1?! Oh well, that's punters and perception for you!

I plan to remove some of my stake soon, and give myself a nice free bet which I will green up (depending on them keeping form) when they come down to realistic prices which I think is closer to 3-1.

Hell I may just hold out for a win, once my liability is removed who cares?!

Leicester football bet

P.S. A tip/hunch - Leicester play Villa away shortly. if they go ahead in that game their price to win the league will drop as they will go top of league if they win the game.

You can often get a great easy green by doing this, i.e. not trading the live market (match odds) and instead go to the competition market and back them there, it takes a lot longer usually for those prices to come into line after a win, giving you a bit of time to get in at a good price, sneaky backdoor strategy maybe?!

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