Saturday 17 December

Saturday, 17 December 2016, 10:37

Big coupon today, plenty of trading discipline and selectivity needed today as well as concentration as many in play trade opportunities are likely to appear. There's a lot of sketchy LTDs which in my view are best avoided.

Juventus v Roma

Home form is awesome. However the league positions bother me as in theory if I was managing Juventus I would be happy with a one point draw against my closest threat for league domination.

To be on safe side I would want to watch this game to check if this is the case or not, but at HT or 60 mins I would be interested if level pegging.


Looks a walkover but too expensive as away team usually score a goal which could cause a losing trade if they score early so leaving this and hope for in play ops

Austria Vienne

As above

Sheff Wed

As above too, very expensive even though it should be a walkover. Last 15 min op would be good

Crystal Palace v Chelsea

Whilst Chelsea looks to be on a wickedly good run of form, and winning every game, betting against the draw relies on early goals not necessarily just a win.

They beat Sunderland and Middlesborough by only 0-1, which would worry me when taking an away LTD at a high price such as today's game.

Therefore I wont be trading that unless in play ops come up such as Palace going ahead by at least a goal, probably 2. More football betting updates soon.



5 comments on “Saturday 17 December”

  1. 34:11 - The goals scored and conceded record for Chelsea in the league so far.

    There has been over 2.5 goals in 11 out of the 16 games that Crystal Palace have played so far this season.

    Chelsea will be striving to extend their 10-match winning run .

    Palace missing 6 players..........Hazard back for Chelsea.

  2. I have went for Bari as well in Italy (would have picked Toulouse as well but not enough matched ) and have earmarked Schalke LTD after 15-20 mins if still level & Sevilla if LTD at Half time if 0 0. I think there will be a goal in Barnet game as well but not till second half. I had loads wrote down and eliminated many! Learning more about the in play trades! Do you normally look when it's 1 0 to identify and act when goes 2 0 like Antwerp last night ( looking more at the process of identifying )

  3. Well there's a first. I had LTD on Bari game and the away team scored on Flashscores... yet betfair didn't update... so I backed the away team .. got it accepted... then 5 seconds later it suspended and I cashed out.

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