Sorry, I should own up really.....

Sunday, 3 March 2013, 16:58

OK, ok, I should fess up. The PAOK game was so electric I struggled to turn it off, and when it went 2-2 I just knew there were more goals to come. So I drip fed some £50 lay bets into the draw ladder on Bet Angel, starting from 1.75. The next bet was due at 1.55 but I didn't get that far as they went 3-2 within minutes, nothing major, but another £50 green which takes me nicely over £600 for the day

Bet Angel trading software

And as expected, there's 4-2 while typing this!! I was out so no more green, but happy with my day so no complaints here! I did say they would get more, playing superb. Definitely off now. Hope you all had some green today

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