Sunday 24 Feb - First betfair trades

Sunday, 24 February 2013, 14:14

Only just sat down, late again to office. First two observations before analysing the whole coupon are:

Ajax v ADO Den Hag - Well stats are pretty one sided. No way this would have been a trade normally as draw priced at over 7 before KO. However its 0-1 to Ado den Hag and STILL the draw price is up at 4.1! I have never done this before, but still see value in this bet. I have laid the draw despite the home team being a goal down! I am watching the game and it is frankly electric, shot after shot after shot. Ajax beat PSV 3-1 recently, and PSV beat ADO 7-0, so that speaks for itself! An equalising goal will make a profit, but I am definitely in this to see Ajax go a goal or two ahead, then should get some nice green. here goes nothing

Man City v Chelsea - I usually avoid games where teams are sat next to each other in the league table, but Man City MUST get 3 points here, i.e. win the game, in order to have any hope at all of staying in touch with Man U for the League Cup. They are playing well too, and considering the draw is priced at 3 after 35 minutes, I have a good 40-45 minutes of play before exiting when odds come down to 2. Thats a very good value bet, and with the teams closely matched, even a goal from Chelsea should see a small profit so its an all round sensible bet I think. Let's see!

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