Friday, 9 September 2016, 19:40

Schalke game didn't seem as lively as I would have hoped at the start so I got in quite a bit later when still 0-0. Hoping for a goal before 60 minutes or I will exit for a small red

Midtjtlland v Esbjerg Back draw - As I expected it's 65 minutes and still 0-0. That's enough green/time for me, exit time. (BTD)

Breda v Jong PSV - Stats stats stats. That game should never have been priced up around the ridiculous 5, and as expected Breda haven't even scored and its over 70 minutes in! I didn't trade this one, but I forgot to mention that when doing these, an away goal can often obtain even more green. The price is now 3.5 ish to exit, a nice green for someone there. That reminds me of another method I could write a page about, a very nice simple method for learners. It's to do with games like this where the underdog scores first, although it usually applies only to games which were borderlin (but rejected) LTD trades. More on that later.

Rostov - I didn't trade this in the end, I forgot about it at first but then couldn't find the market on the Betfair coupon for some reason. A nice low risk trade with a home goal around 30 minutes in.

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