Well here I am...

Saturday, 4 June 2016, 15:03

Sorry everyone. Had some personal troubles of late, and I am finally back and hopefully with a bang. Lots of sketches for methods and stuff I am going to publish over coming weeks and months. First time I have even looked at Betfair for a while now, here is what (little) interests me today.....

Sirius v Trelleborgs

Trades are thin this time of year on footie, but they do come up. This is overpriced but a good pick for hopefully a game with a good few goals in it, from the home side according to stats. I won't lay the draw at that price (5.4) but I will see if I can find a live stream of it, and make my mind up based on the play, possibly getting when under 5, possibly waiting until 4.4 ish. If it's not a fast opening (which happens in Sweden sometimes) then I may even wait for 3.8 before getting in. one of those suck it and see jobs really.

Llagostera v Zaragoza

This is one of those silly priced games. The favourite is away from home in a country which massively supports its home team, making home team stats often weak. this is no different. Zaragoza are a far superior team looking at their home form, but away form is dismal. Also the underdog has a huge run of wins at home lately. The price just doesn't reflect this. It's one of those to leave alone if you're a beginner, but someone with more experience might want to take some advantage here. The stats suggest a cagey game, at least a cagey opening. So 1.55 away from home is crazily short odds, and worth a lay for a while in my view. You can get burned, as with any trade, but the stats suggest there is some green to be had here.

Numancia v Albacete

It looks like a LTD but the very last scoring stats of both teams suggest it could go 0-0 for quite a while. Rather than give away green which stats suggest will happen, I would be inclined to wait this out and LTD at half time if 0-0 or 1-1.


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